Плита аэродромная ПАГ-14

Air field plate ПАГ-14 (ПАГ 14)

Air field plates (PAG-14) intend for the device: 

  • Modular air field coverings

  • Modular coverings of constant and time highways

  • The bases of the bases on weak loamy and boggy gruntah

  • The bases for building of garages.

ПАГ-14 Also are used for a covering of warehouse and
transport platforms under loading of 7,2 and 5 tons on a wheel, taking
into account factor of dynamism of time platforms for installation koprov at zabivke piles, shpunta, etc. 

Our enterprise lets out air field plates ПАГ-14 with following characteristics: 

  • PAG 14 has the size 6000х2000х140 mm.

  • By manufacture concrete of mark М-400, М-300 is used

  • PAG 14 has frost resistance of 200 cycles.

The air field plate has a corrugated working surface, for the purpose of
the best coupling between a wheel and a plate surface at movement on
them of transport. 

Weight of air field plate ПАГ-14:
4200 kg.